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Raspberry Pi Zero W: fast headless Wifi configuration with SSH

Yesterday I received a Raspberry Zero W, that for approximately $10 include Wifi and Bluetooth (byebye dongles) but no Ethernet port. This post contains the instructions for configuring the Raspberry Pi Zero W so that he connects to the wifi network at the … Continue reading

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Oculus Rift handmade with Lego and google streetview

Recently I build an Oculus Rift like low cost alternative to simulate the original device. I have a smartphone with hd screen and find on Amazon an interesting kit (2 lens, 1 strap). So, I build a lego structure to bring … Continue reading

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Lego plays Ruzzle: nxt & nodejs powered robot

Today I have uploaded a video ‘Lego plays Ruzzle‘ on Youtube, to show how my creation works. I like to mix different technologies to create something innovative. I love Lego, and recently discovered Ruzzle, a popular mobile game. So, I decided … Continue reading

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Ruzzle Lego Solver: first photo

After some day of building, conding, and testing, I publish the first photo of my Lego Ruzzle Solver. The robot use 3 NXT motors: one for x-axis movement, one for y-axis movement, and one for move the “finger” up and … Continue reading

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