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Raspberry Pi Zero W: fast headless Wifi configuration with SSH

Yesterday I received a Raspberry Zero W, that for approximately $10 include Wifi and Bluetooth (byebye dongles) but no Ethernet port. This post contains the instructions for configuring the Raspberry Pi Zero W so that he connects to the wifi network at the … Continue reading

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ESP8266: Smartphone door opener for less then 10$

Sometimes you have your hands full of bags, umbrellas, etc. In these cases it would be useful to open the door without keys, simply finishing ahead. My idea is to use a smartphone to trigger the opening of the door, using a … Continue reading

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Oculus Rift handmade with Lego and google streetview

Recently I build an Oculus Rift like low cost alternative to simulate the original device. I have a smartphone with hd screen and find on Amazon an interesting kit (2 lens, 1 strap). So, I build a lego structure to bring … Continue reading

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Lego plays Ruzzle: nxt & nodejs powered robot

Today I have uploaded a video ‘Lego plays Ruzzle‘ on Youtube, to show how my creation works. I like to mix different technologies to create something innovative. I love Lego, and recently discovered Ruzzle, a popular mobile game. So, I decided … Continue reading

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Ruzzle Lego Solver: first photo

After some day of building, conding, and testing, I publish the first photo of my Lego Ruzzle Solver. The robot use 3 NXT motors: one for x-axis movement, one for y-axis movement, and one for move the “finger” up and … Continue reading

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Ruzzle Lego Mindstorm NodeJS Solver

Yesterday I start to build a new Lego Mindstorm project to solve Ruzzle, a popular iOS/Android game. My goal is to merge both software (image processing, ocr, solver) and hardware (mechanics, servos, fake finger on a touchscreen) worlds, building a … Continue reading

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Facebook Flash Apps and Firefox: bug and workaround

If you develop a flash iframe facebook application that records images / video from the user camera, you have serious problem on Firefox on mac OSX: you are unable to interact with the flash settings dialog box.

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Javascript Accelerometer Demo and Source

IOS 4.2 (with new Safari Mobile) has the possibility to read sensor data like accelerometer and gyroscope directly from Javascript.

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ActionScript: IE8 navigateToURL bug and workaround

Flash player on IE8 has a bug: the call to actionscript function navigateToURL(urlRequest) always opens in a new window.

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Google Map V3: Markerclusterer with custom tooltip/title

Markerclusterer, part of Google Maps Utility Library, is a Javascript library that helps developers to manage a large number of markers, grouping near markers into a single “cluster”.

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